Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roger Federer: Giggle Monster?

So my friend Al posted this video to FB today about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal trying to tape a promo for an upcoming charity match they will be playing for Fed's foundation in Switzerland. They could not stop laughing so much that their infectious laughter became the basis of the promo. Take a look.

It's kind of amazing, no? It always makes me happy that these two great tennis champs and rivals know how to enjoy each other's company so naturally. This video really makes me smile. Rafa can't turn his head toward Roger without Roger breaking up. I never knew Fed could get the giggles like this. He always seems so composed.

It shouldn't be so unexpected though. I just haven't been paying close enough attention to Fed over the years. Apparently there is much recorded history of Roger not being able to keep it together once he starts laughing. Take for instance this clip when Roger needs to just sit still while the CNN dude asks him some questions in Spanish.

Is it Spanish that Roger finds so hilarious? After all Rafa is Spanish and he laughed uncontrollably at him, and then this CNN dude starts speaking in Spanish and Roger can't keep a straight face. Roger is fluent in several languages, but Spanish happens not to be one of them. Does some weird insecurity about Spanish make Fed nervous?

Maybe, maybe not. Take for instance this other interview in his native tongue on his native soil. This video is interesting for several reasons including the fact that there is footage of Federer's sister. Federer has a sister? I've seen him win almost all of his 17 major championships and I've never seen this woman in the players box. Nadal also revealed a surprise sister at this year's US Open Final. Who is retconning these hot female family members into their lives? Could they seriously not be bothered in their lives to come watch their brothers win Wimbledon?? I am confused. But anyway, the reviewer asks Roger something about the other guys in the locker room being bigger than him and Roger of course takes it as dick length challenge and once the thought enters his head he cannot stop thinking about how funny it is. He's gone. Almost as hilarious? The end credits to the video which are inexplicably set to the music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They mention the posters other youtube videos. I'm really interested in checking out 4) SUNNIES (Germany).

Knowing that Fed has a giggle problem really makes me like him more. He's so super strong on court. It's nice to see he has an off-court weakness. :)

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lisa said...

oh man... THANK YOU FOR THIS. that video of roger and rafa is fantastic. (the others were pretty great too!) i have always adored roger, and it's hard not to love rafa too--i was really happy for him that he finally won the open. who wouldn't be? great athlete, great guy.