Monday, April 27, 2009

Five Timer's Club!

Guess what? Rafa won another tournament this weekend! I know what you're thinking. ANOTHER Tournament? So SOON??? Didn't he JUST win one last week? He did! Last week he won his 5th straight title in Monte-Carlo, and yesterday he won his 5th straight title in Barcelona. Back-to-back tournaments 5 years in a row! That's INSANE! Could a fifth consecutive French Open Title be in Nadal's not-too-distant future? It's a distinct possibility.

But where is Rafa this week? Relaxing on a beach somewhere surrounded by cookies and trophies and women? NOOO! He's playing ANOTHER effing tournament! This time in Rome! Rafa, come on now. Give yourself a break. This pace is crazy. Everyone knows you are King of The Clay Courts. What do you have left to prove? You've created a comfortable lead for 1st place atop the ATP Tour Leader Board. You've won four titles so far this year. Now's the time to just relax (and come over to my place to hang out and) eat some of favored chocolate-chip cookies, that you love so much. Don't go exhausting yourself with these lesser tournaments. Save your strength for the big ticket events!

That being said, Nadal's record on clay for the past 5 years has been unbelievable. Go here to check out his stats. The dominance is unprecedented. The fact that it can even be suggested that he could win the French Open for a 5th consecutive year and then return to Wimbledon and defend his title there only a few weeks later? It seems unthinkable. But look at these stats. They are no joke. Best of luck in Rome, Rafa! Please take next week off. Trust me, you've earned it!

C is for Cookie. That's good enough for Rafa.

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