Monday, July 1, 2013

Go See a cautionary tail!

(go see this play!)

Hey Ladies & G's. Wanted to let you know about a great new play I saw at The Flea Theater (41 White Street New York, NY 10013) which I almost missed out on telling you about, because I saw it at the end of it's original run, but the run has now been extended! So now I'm telling you NYC-folk to go downtown and catch it while you can.
 (Plays getting extensions! Success! Live the dream!)

a cautionary tale by christopher oscar peña (he doesn't like capitals, but that's okay because I LIKE CAPS ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US!!) and directed by Benjamin Kamine is the surprising and captivating story of Vivienne and Luke, brother and sister 1st generation Chinese-Americans growing up in contemporary New York City. Sometimes allies and sometimes adversaries they navigate the obligations and pressures of tradition, family, friends, lovers and their own internal demons. Along the way we encounter many interesting characters (Luke's best friends and a very peculiar Life Insurances salesman stand out) and some very creative staging that transforms the Flea's downstairs theater space. I've been thinking about the play a lot since seeing it, and a lot of it has really stayed with me in a strong way. I LOVE when theater does that. It's certainly what we aim for as theater people. :) I don't want to say TOO much about it because I don't want to spoil any of the plot twists, but there are some plot twists and I believe you'll enjoy them. Plus a cautionary tail is performed by The Bats, The Flea's resident theater company and you should check out the great work these young talented super-sexy actors are serving up. The play is a little long (y'all know I love to be in and out in 90 minutes with no intermission), but Act 2 offers a lot of surprises and revelations so it's worth your time investment!

 (there is an intermission and fun surprises await you out in the lobby!)

The show's extension runs through July 23rd, but it's not always on the same days of the week, so you should check out the calendar here!.

ALSO, christopher recently co-created and co-wrote a really awesome web series called 80/20 with Vayu O'Donnell and you should check out that out because it's well-made, well-written, well-acted and, well, really a lot of fun. And NOT super long either, so you can watch on your computer and get invested, but not worry about a thirteen hour TV binge commitment. Watch and enjoy! Congrats to christopher on the great success of these two projects this. I will keep watching for his work in the future!

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