Monday, October 29, 2012

Where in the World is Rafael Nadal? Hurricane Edition

(Rafa has gone to work for Carmen Sandiego!)

It has been really weird having Rafa be sidelined for so much of the tennis season this year. He had such great success on the clay, but then his knee injury took him out of Wimbledon (well, okay, technically he lost at Wimbledon, but he was already injured) and then missed the Olympics and the US Open, and still won't be back for the Year End Finals in London. I enjoy writing about Our Hero, Rafael Nadal so much and it's weird that there's been no news for him on the court. Hopefully he'll be back in Dubai at the very end of December. That is looking likely. Then it will probably be the Aussie Open and then only clay court tournaments outside of the major tourney's he has to play. I can't wait to have him back on the courts. I miss you, Rafa!

In the meantime, it's not like Rafa has been sitting at home trapped in his house as if he was waiting for a Hurricane to arrive that was sure taking it's damn sweet time to pass through. No, he's been keeping busy. So until he's back on the court, I'm starting a recurring blog feature titled "Where in the World is Rafael Nadal?" to help promote his exploits. The answer this time is: PARIS!

Nadal went to Paris and did some press. Here's a link to his interview with M6 in Spanish with French translation! He is adorable!

He has also tweeted his congrats to Ferrer for beating Dolgopolov in Valencia for his sixth title this season and 17th in his career. Ferrer is doing really well. I would love to see him break through at a major in 2013!

Nadal also wanted everyone to stay safe as Hurricane Sandy inches toward us. Do as Rafa says! Vamos! (except stay put)

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