Monday, October 10, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 40. Yeah, that's right. FORTY!

(I am not responsible for those bite marks. Geez, how often do I say that in a week?)

40 weeks. Can it truly be?? Only 12 weeks to go. I really feel like I'm going to make it to the end now.

This past weekend at the Mud Run, I almost had a moment where I completely forgot about the Year Without Cookies. While waiting for my race to start, I went over to the free snack stand where they were giving out bananas and oranges and Oreo cookies. I was looking for a little energy boost right before the race and almost scooped up a cupful of cookies without realizing. Thankfully, a little red alert went off in my brain right before I popped them into my mouth. It was like a scenario in one of my soda dreams where I don't realize what I'm doing until it's too late. If I break the rules of the Year Without Cookies, I want to do it with some premeditation. I don't want some silly accidental slip up. I had the bananas as a pre-race snack instead.

Also this week, something that never happens. I went into Equinox downstairs from where I work to get some chicken soup from the cafe. That's not the thing that never happens. That happens often enough. (I've had a bad cold/fever all weekend that started late last week and it continues to do a number on my throat. I currently have no voice. It's not pretty to listen to.)  What was rare was that the dude behind the counter had a half dozen freshly-baked jumbo-sized chocolate chip cookies that he was just giving away for free! "It's a promotion!" he said, trying to get me to take one off the tray. "You don't want it?" I DID want it! But I did not dare take it. The cookie vultures on line around me swooped in with their greedy little claws and snatched them up very quickly so it wasn't a long torment I suffered. But passing up a free freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? Such a test of strength.

Week 41 is on it's way. We edge ever closer to the end of the journey...

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