Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Owen and Rafa Both Love Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Sunday, my Rafa won another tournament. This one was in Indian Wells. The name of this tournament is something else, but it's always referred to as Indian Wells. It's out in the desert somewhere. The point is, Rafa won. Hooray! That's two big hardcourt titles to start the season. It's too early to start hoping for the US Open, but Rafa knows he has it in him to win on the hardcourts against all the big boys.

Watching the Finals on Sunday, I could not believe how in the tank the commentators were for Rafa's opponent, Andy Murray. It was crazy! Rafa's No. 1 in the world and Murray's No. 4. They were falling all over themselves to praise Murray. They would say totally ridiculous things like "Murray is going to be the next #1 player in the world!... who isn't Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer." So i guess they have given up on Jokovic. But then Rafa wins the first set 6-1, and they say "it's really only a few points that separate the two. Murray can quickly change the momentum right here!" And of course Murray then loses the second set 6-2. I didn't really watch the second set because I knew the outcome already (thanks for the ridiculous time delay, FSN!) and i couldn't take the commentary. I bet they praised Murray right up until the last point. It's not like I hate Murray. I think he's a good player and one of the few on the tour right now that has a legitimate shot day in-day out to beat Nadal. But to favor him OVER Nadal is too much at this point in their careers.

The next day, I happened across this article on It's a really good read about how awesome Rafa is in every single way, but my FAVORITE part is pasted below:

—At his press conference after his quarterfinal win over Juan-Martin del Potro, Nadal shows up with two chocolate chip cookies and starts to eat them as he talks.

Q. I'm surprised to see you eating cookies. Are they chocolate chip cookies?

Nadal says "Yeah," but his smile says, "So? What about it?"

Q. I was wondering if you have things like that quite a bit? I always think athletes have a very regimented diet and don't indulge. 

RAFAEL NADAL: Not me. (Laughter.) 

Long pause, Nadal flashes what you might call a s--- eating grin.

"My opinion, you can eat everything. Well, before the match maybe don't have five cookies or one steak, but my opinion, you can eat everything in the right time. If I eat right now, 20 cookies, maybe I gonna have indigestion tonight. If I eat two, three cookies, maybe it's OK.
Maybe not for the stomach, no, but for the head it's better. (Laughter.) In the end, the important thing is to be mentally okay.

Q. Better mental preparation? 



Rafa! I love chocolate chip cookies too! This would be my "in" if we were ever so fortunate to meet and have a conversation. It's not even just that he likes cookies. But that he would consider eating 20 of them as an acceptable choice. I didn't know my love for him could deepen, but it did when i read that. Oh, Rafa. Someday. Somehow. Somewhere...

Kick some ass in Key Biscayne, this week Rafa. The tournament is not called Key Biscayne. I actually know this one is now called the Ericsson Open, but everyone still calls it Key Biscayne.

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