Sunday, March 30, 2008


I believe the Lennon quote goes: Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.

But what if you are not busy making other plans? What if there are no plans and no momentum towards making them? I am not by nature a self-planner. I mean, it's my day job to organize other people's schedules and make plans for them, but that's different. It's like with chefs who don't cook for themselves at home. Right now I have peanut butter and jelly prospects for the future.

It's not like I'm naturally spontaneous either. I'd mostly just kinda like to sit here on my couch and have good things happen to me with no effort. I don't think I'm unique in this desire, but I know it can't be this way! As I continue to barrel toward 30, I've been reflecting, and I've got some perspective on where I've been, and where I am now. I have some nice ideas about where I'd like to be heading, but no real plans on how to actually get there. So, if I have no real plans, does that mean despite having a full daily routine, I in essence have no chance at having a life?

Quite possibly. The thought makes me uneasy, but you could argue a strong case for it and i would be inclined to agree with you.

But then recently I turned a corner: Maybe I COULD make plans! Sure, why not? And then life would wonderfully come and interrupt me just as i started getting busy, and send me in the direction of my destiny. I will make an effort to make plans, and then i will report back here and chronicle how it's going. Perhaps life will show up after all.

So I'm gonna try to blog. I will most likely not follow through. I tried something similar to this on myspace, but i wound up hating myspace, so it never really materialized. But the interface here seems easy enough to understand. Excuses are few. Hopefully if you are reading this, I'll say something mildly amusing every now and again, and you'll eventually comment, and I will feel special. I have lofty ideas about what I should be able to accomplish in my life and it ain't gonna happen unless I get out of my comfort zone and try new things. When I get inspired, I will follow through. Now that's my plan.

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