Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Reading List: FIVE SUMMERS!

Happy June y'all. Summer's here and the time is right, for reading in the streets (maybe while riding a CitiBike! Throw caution to the wind!)! Or if you don't want to read in the streets, find a nice lawn chair or beach towel and work on your tan in the park (or hide in the shade under a tree, like me) and take some time to get lost in a book. I haven't read nearly enough the first 6 months of 2013, and it's time to turn that trend around. To help you out, I'll be making suggestions about what I'm reading this summer and what you should read as well!

First up, Five Summers, the debut young adult novel by my good friend Una LaMarche. Five Summers tells the twisting tale of Emma, Skylar, Jo and Maddie - four best friends with five summers of camp memories between them. They've reunited at camp for a large reunion weekend of bonding, camp fun times and perhaps a little debauchery. But some long held secrets between them come to the surface, threatening the fun of the weekend and their relationships moving forward. The events of reunion shift perspective between the four friends and also go back and forth in time to events during their five summers as campers. If you know me, I love a non-linear story and Una keeps the balance just right, keeping all the girls and all the summers well paced, well placed and easy to follow. The dialogue rings true and the motivations make sense. It's really a joy to read - easily engrossing and it goes down smooth which makes for an optimal summer fun read. You'll love it!

What else are you waiting for? Go get this book!

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