Friday, May 31, 2013

Bee Terrific!

 (I can only assume Arvind is considering biting the trophy like Rafa would. Go for it, Arvind!)

Congrats to National Spelling Bee winner Arvind Mahankali, for taking home the trophy at the 86th Scripps National Spelling Bee. His winning word was "knaidel," meaning "a small mass of leavened dough." WERK, ARVIND! Winning makes him the undisputed King of the Spelling Nerds, pockets him $30K and means he never ever has to study another vocab list again! VICTORY!

My homeboy Arvind is a 13-year-old from Queens, (NEW YOOOORK!!!) and was one of 11 out of 281 contenders to make it to the final round. This was not Arvind's first trip to the final round. He finished tied for ninth in 2010, tied for third in 2011 and in third place in 2012. How do you deal with that level of spelling pressure for so many years and keep coming back for more?? Arvind also got knocked out in consecutive years by words of German origin. You can hear the audience laugh a commiserating laugh when Arvind asks for the language of origin on knaidel. But he exorcised those demons, son! Now Arvind is free to study German in high school with no lingering sense of regret. Watch his "One Moment In Time" moment in the video below. He is racing with DESTINY! Also, do they rig the confetti cannons to sound like a swarm of bees? Is that like some insider spellers "alternate definition" humor? I don't know. Just enjoy your victory, Arvind! You've earned it!

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