Friday, November 23, 2012

Turnover! Over and Over Again!

This gif has been an unending source of delight for me since my buddy LMM posted it on FB last night. I may never close this window in my web browser. Whatever happens for the rest of the football season, I can look back here and savor this moment.

It's not JUST that Mark Sanchez (who I truly have nothing against and think is a genuinely nice guy - even if Team Rivalry Rules of Etiquette dictate that I must refer to him during play as "Dirty Sanchez") runs into the ass of his own teammate (#65 G. Brandon Moore, not meaning no harm), fumbles the ball and then lets the Pats run it back for a touchdown. No, it's not just all that. The real height of schadenfreude comes the moment Sanchez KNOWS that's what's about to happen, and just lowers his head to the ground in defeat. AMAZING. Seeing the above video wants me to do the below video.

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