Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all. Before I rush out to buy bread to make my traditional leftover sandwich for lunch (and judging by the deliciousness of the food yesterday, this sandwich is going to be EPIC), I wanted to say a little something. All month I've been doing this #30daysofthanks thing on twitter and it's been a nice way to keep a positive attitude and notice small things I might otherwise neglect, and to not get so wrapped up in the perceived importance of my own drama. October is always my favorite month, and I still maintain it's the best month of the year, but the very very end of it this year delivered a hell of a devastating storm on the East Coast and many people are still only in the early stages of recovery. Some people have literally lost everything they own. You all know this. That part's not news. But as my own family continues to rebuild my Dad's house on Long Island, and we go through old boxes to see what exactly made it through, and what didn't, I continue to think about the thousands of people out there who have it so much worse right now and I really feel for them.

My suggestion to anyone reading this, is that as we continue into Christmas Season, we should try not to get super-distracted by Black Friday sales and getting our family and friends (and let's face it, ourselves) giant gifts we don't really need and remember that this is still a much needed time for charity. At this time of year, even when it's not following a massive storm, food pantries in New York City always struggle to keep up with the demand to feed people in need. This year the demand is even greater. In the past I have contributed to Citymeals On-Wheels, City Harvest and The Red Cross and continue to do so. If you'd like to find out more about these organizations and possibly make a donation please follow the links below.

As you prepare to add new clothes to your wardrobe this holiday season, take a little time to trim down your closet and donate some clothes to your local thrift store or Good Will. And if you are a motivated person with more extra time than extra money right now, there are so many places and ways you can volunteer. Keeping people-in-need in our hearts and minds and actions right now is so important. We need to keep helping each other through the winter that's ahead.


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