Monday, October 29, 2012

Rock Me Like A Hurricane Named After Annie's Dog

(Want to know a secret? This storm's a real bitch...)

Oh man! It's been so long since my last post. Over a whole month! I cannot believe it. It's not that there haven't been things to write about - travel, election coverage, TV shows, general insanity - I've just put all my time into play writing instead of blog writing. Plus somehow with Rafael Nadal still on the disabled list, it's been hard to motivate to talk about the world. But now I'm stuck inside waiting for Hurricane Sandy, so while I still have power, I figured I'd catch up on some blogging, before going back to the play writing. Because that still needs to get done too.

Sitting alone waiting for a Hurricane is odd. Hearing that the subways would shut down Sunday night and I wouldn't have to go to work on Monday, was of course incredibly exciting. I will always love the idea of a "Snow Day." although I know the potential damage of a "Hurricane Day" is actually much worse than that, and I'm hesitant to celebrate the arrival of something that can cause a lot of damage and distress, just so I can sit on my couch for an extra day. Also, the fact that the actual hurricane is not reaching us until late tonight on Monday means we had all day Sunday to gather supplies or flee to higher ground, and then we have all day today to basically... wait. And then the next day we get to assess the damage and maybe wait some more for things to be cleaned up or just go back to work. But for now we just play the waiting game, and as I said before, sitting alone just waiting for the Hurricane is odd. And can get boring REAL FAST.

Here are some things I ponder while waiting:

Should I read? No, if I read now and then the power goes off I'll be tired of reading and then have nothing to do. My book should be placed with my pile of emergency supplies. Today's book is "A Graveyard For Lunatics" by Ray Bradbury

What is "Storm Pay" rate for these reporters forced to stand outside in hurricane-force winds so that the anchors in the newsroom can ask them how it feels to be outside? Is it triple over time? Quadruple overtime? It's a rare day like today when I hope Roger Clark is making more than Pat Kiernan on NY1.

If my dollar store across the street is actually open I should go buy the finishing touches for my Halloween costume and assemble it all today for a trial run, right?

Am I really supposed to own a battery powered radio? Do they sell those at the dollar store if the dollar store is actually open? (I just checked and my clock radio takes a 9-volt battery. Hmm, worth investigating this morning, I guess.)

Is my family safe spread out across the Eastern seaboard? I hope they are safe.

Should I watch a movie marathon today? If so which one? The Muppet Movies? The Lord of The Rings? The BBC versions of the Narnia Books? Or maybe a BSG mararthon? Or Buffy? Or Strangers With Candy? I might spend the whole day just staring into my DVD bookcase.

Are there any new soft-core movies that have been recently added to Netflix that I haven't seen? If not, I can just watch Clue again. Not because Clue is soft-core, but because it's CLUE!!! And it takes place during a stormy night, so it fits the mood.

I can't watch The Dark Crystal unless it snows. The Frankenstorm promised snow, but I don't think it will deliver this close to the coast. The Dark Crystal is standard viewing for the first snow storm of the season and a Hurricane just is not close enough. I must have patience.

Wait, I'm supposed to have NON-perishable food items? I have a lot of perishables. But it's just me. Surely, I have enough food in the fridge that will last a day or two even if the power goes off. Plus I've got a lot of water and almost an entire box of saltines. I'll be okay.

Oh, I really hope the power doesn't go off.

Should I go through my entire closet and drawers and discard all clothes I don't want and make up bags for the thrift store? I need to get rid of this stuff and right now I've got the time.

Why does my DVR only record the first 45 minutes of The Walking Dead?? I'd like to see how the episode ENDS, DVR!!!

I'm so happy that I did massive cleaning earlier this weekend for when friends came over for my birthday so that now I don't have to stress over whether I should use all this time to clean my apartment. Plus it's nicer to sit here in a clean space than to sit in filth.

Is the storm REALLY going to affect the Presidential Race, cable news outlets? It still amazes me that people are "undecided" when the two options are so radically different. Can't you just talk about the actual impact of the storm on the people affected and not the politics affected for ONE EFFING DAY?? I will not be watching cable news today, for sure. 

I should move my furniture around so I have enough room to work out in my living room since I can't got to gym class tonight.

Are all my electronic devices plugged in to charge? I want to make sure I have my laptop, ipod and iphone last as long as possible before I pick up my crossbow and start living out Revolution

(Spoiler Alert!: the power went out due to global climate change!)

These are my thoughts so far and it's not even noon. The storm is still like... 9-10 hours away. Who knows what will be running through my mind by then. I might just share it with the interwebs. Stay safe everyone! 

...the Waiting Game sucks, Let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

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