Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Fanta Lives!

(it DOES exist!)

While gathering Hurricane rations yesterday, I stumbled upon a sight I thought I would never see. On the opposite side of the aisle where they stock the bottled water stood the soda rack. On the shelf right at eye level were several bottles... of Red Fanta!! I couldn't believe it! Up until this point I thought Red (aka Strawberry) Fanta only existed in TV ads, as I had never seen a bottle available for purchase in the Tri-State area. I've actually written about this before on the blog, almost 2 years ago to the day, in fact. Now suddenly here they were. And they were on SALE, no less! Obviously I had to pick up a bottle, in case this chance never showed itself again. Concrete evidence it exists. I shall put it on the shelf next to my Yeti's paw and my Loch Ness Monster's tooth.

I am not drinking the Red Fanta just yet. I have two weeks to go on a nutrition and exercise program I'm doing at Mark Fisher Fitness and the empty calories of soda just do not fit into my daily fitness plan. But when its over I might celebrate with some Red Fanta on ice. My taste expectation is already through the roof. Don't I want a Fanta? You bet your sweet ass I do!

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