Sunday, August 5, 2012

O-Lympics: Judo as Street Fighter !!

I don't know a lot about Judo as a sport. I could never figure out which channel was showing it this Olympics and most of my Olympics time has been focused on the pool and the gym and the tennis courts. But I do know that Judo produces some very violent and painful-looking still photos that are vaguely reminiscent of Street Fighter II throw moves, so it might be the case that not all the Olympians who are entered in the Judo Competition make it out alive. At the very least, few make it far enough to challenge M. Bison. I

 definitely know that Kayla Harrison a 22-year-old from Ohio, game America it's first Olympic gold medal in Judo EVER this week. She has had an incredible personal journey, having been sexually abused by a former coach as a child, becoming disillusioned with the sport, but then somehow finding her way back to a champion. Her Gold Medal match was against hometown favorite Gemma Gibbons from Great Britain who she beat 2-0 in the women's under 78-kilogram division. In honor of her victory. I have posted some pictures from the match, captioning them with some classic SF2 champion quotes. Congrats, Kayla!

GIBBONS (in Blue): Attack me if you dare - I will crush you. 
HARRISON (in white): Seeing you in action is a joke. 

GIBBONS: Next time we meet I'm gonna break your arms! 
HARRISON: My strength is much greater than yours.

GIBBONS: (high-pitched wail of defeat.)
HARRISON: I will meditate and then destroy you.

HARRISON (now in blue?): I am the strongest woman in the world!!

HARRISON: Finally I can get back to being a young single girl!

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