Sunday, July 29, 2012

O-Lympics 2012 Update: Well Played, Kim Rhode!

(USAwesome Champion Kim Rhode, sheds a tear during the medal ceremony after winning gold in Womenʼs Skeet. Werk, Kim.) 

Gotta give props to Kimberly Rhode won the gold medal in women's skeet shooting on Sunday. This makes her the first American to take an individual-sport medal in five consecutive Olympics.Yeah, that's right. FIVE.

Today Rhode tied the world record - and set an Olympic record - by hitting 99 out of 100 targets. So in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, you're safest bet is to hide behind a well-armed Kimberly Rhode.

For those who like to keep track, as a teenager Rhode won the gold medal in double trap at the Atlanta Games in '96 , then took bronze in the same event at Sydney in 2000. She then  reclaimed gold at Athens in '04 and then won the silver in skeet at Beijing in '08.  So she may not be the most well-known Olympic Champions, but she's certainly consistent and well decorated. Let's hope she can add to streak in Rio in 2016!

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