Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Madness 2012 : Final Casualty Report

(ah yes, stick a fork in it.) 

I almost forgot to post this, as I had no horse left in the race, but stick-to-it-iveness requires that I post a final recap of the total bloodbath that was my 2012 NCAA Men's basketball bracket. Try not to weep for the sight of it. The images above might be deemed. NSFW.

I finished up the tournament with only 59 Overall points, an overall ranking of 227,851 and a rank percentile of 46%. Ouch. That's just not pretty. When I lose, we all lose. I'm sure there are 67 teams of players out there who share a similar feeling right now.

But it's been almost a week now, and it's time to emotionally move on. So i made a bunch of mistakes in my predictions. Didn't we all? Well, maybe not all of us. I'm sure there were some people who picked Kentucky all the way from the start. Good on you. Next year, will be different for me. Next year I will get them right from the start. UConn won't lose their first game. UConn will go all the way and take the title. Yes. YES! Wherever they start the tourney, they'll certainly end up as champs. You heard it hear first since the next tourney is roughly a year away. Go Huskies in 2013!

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