Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heads Up for Pre-Order of 2012 US Open Tix!

(time to plan ahead!)
Hey y'all. If you are a tennis fan or want to check out how awesome the US Open is as a sporting event, I've found out that you can get a good deal on pre-sale tickets if you join the USTA. I know it seems like it's months and months away, but the time to act is NOW. Membership is cheap and there is an online discount code to make it even cheaper if you've never been a member before. Go to this link and you can save over 25% and receive an official 2012 US Open long sleeve t-shirt (XL LEFT ONLY)!  Enter code E671C at checkout. USTA membership comes with other perks as well that you can check out. And then in the pre-sale there are 2-for-1 opening night deals on tickets and early access to other seats in Ashe Stadium as well. If you plan to go, and don't want to play scalper prices at the end of August, this is a good way to go! Maybe being an USTA member will provide me a better opportunity to finally meet Rafa this year. If so, then really any membership fee would be worth it. The deal only lasts until May 1st though! VAMOS!

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