Thursday, March 8, 2012

WHO Runs the World? Girls??

 (You'd think this poster wouldn't be necessary, 
but sadly it seems it is.)

OMG, Ladies! Today was International Women's Day! Sure things are tough around the world for females, but girl, don't you feel great here at home? So much to love!


Just last year state legislators introduced more than 1,100 anti-abortion provisions into bills in states across the country and enacted 135 of them! Seven states either fully defunded or tried to defund Planned Parenthood, which in case you didn't know, provides basic health care, contraception, breast cancer and STI screenings to millions of low-income women each year. But you probably did know that, because you're women, and shit like that actually matters to you! And don't even get me started on the Susan G. Komen foundation. Gurrrrl.....

And then of course there's our Federal Government, in which Republicans ever since the 2010 elections have tried time and again to grind the the legislative process to a halt by arguing abortion issues into bills that didn't even directly have anything to do with health care!  And remember that time they tried to narrow the definition of rape to be "forcible rape" instead of "asking for it permissible" rape? And that other awesome time when Congress barred the District of Columbia from using its own funds to help low-income women pay for abortions? These dudes really have your best interests at heart. Don't you worry your own pretty little heads about it. And there's also the great state of Virgina where mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds were are all the rage for a hot minute.

And then of course there's Rush calling y'all sluts for you wanting basic health care plans to cover birth control medication and wanting your voices included in congressional hearings when the sign on the Congressional Tree Fort clearly stated "NO GIRLS ALLOWED." For that, Rush expected you to make sex tapes for him in exchange for a filled prescription. But you still have allies in upper chamber. The Senate managed to beat back the Blunt Amendment that would've allowed any health care provider feeling sorta religious and totes morally superior to not cover hormonal contraception. That landslide vote rejected the amendment by a whopping 51-48 margin! Nice work, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski!  Be proud to be American woman, where at least you know you're free (if you seem to know nothing else.) Oh, how we live in enlightened times!

 Click to embiggen the timeline. Thanks, HuffPo!

So, all that I've mentioned above is serious bullshit that just doesn't seem to stop. These men pulling the strings should have no business telling you what to do with your bodies or your family planning or denying you access to health coverage to help you make the best choices for yourself. Literally today in Congress, on International Women's Day,  they are debating the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA), which would make it illegal for anyone but a parent to accompany a young woman across state lines to seek an abortion - even if her parents are absent or abusive, or possibly the father of the baby! These people constantly rant on and on about government being too intrusive into our lives, but waste no opportunity to try to get inside your vaginas without your consent. There is still hope though. It's an election year, and elections have consequences. It's time to stand up to these bastards at the voting booth and be like my girl Amy Poehler on SNL, and tell them in no uncertain terms "Don't Tell Me What To Do!"

I love you, Ladies. So until that fateful day when that Beyonce lyric rings true and you run the world, don't let some out-of-touch paternalistic white dudes in power try to take away your autonomy. I am with you. Lots of men are with you. The vast majority of the country is with you. Show the rest of the women around the world how it's done. 

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