Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness 2012: Sweet 16 Casualty Report

OMG, look at the carnage. The Sweet 16 wound up being exceptionally bitter for my bracket. I had 8 teams in the sweet 16, and in the elite 8? I now have three. And my pick to win the tourney is gone. It's terrible! Now I can accept some of these defeats well.  It was always against the odds to pick an upset of Kentucky. But Michigan St.? What the HELL? 44 points? All the offense could produce was 44 points for an entire game? That's just awful. And now my bracket is destroyed. Boo-urns to all that. Why, Michigan St, WHY?

What's even worse is that if Ohio St doesn't come through against Syracuse, I'll have no teams in the Final Four! That would be so depressing. I'm hoping they can pull pff the win. Right now I'm at 51 points, ranked 222,456 and in the 47th percentile. If Ohio St wins, my stats might improve a little bit. If not, I hate to think how far things might fall before the tournament is over. Go Buckeyes!

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