Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: Live Blog!

(We are ready for some football!)

Here we go with Super Bowl XLVI! Pats vs. Giants: The REMATCH! Faith Hill has dung her song. Kelly Clarkson has nailed the National Anthem. The teams are taking the field. The Pats win the coin toss (AFC has won the toss 15 years running!) Of course I am rooting for the Pats. If the game gets boring along the way, I'll explain how and why I became a Pats fan.  But for now here we go. I don't know if I've ever tried to live blog a sports event. We'll see how it goes. Refresh to see updates!

- Tom Brady always reminds me of Optimus Prime when he's in QB position on the field. Eli Manning always reminds me of The Great Gazoo from the Flintsonts. It's just something about the shape of their heads. They are not shaped the same.

- Giants get the ball first and Manning connects with Cruz for a first down. C'mon, Pats. Keep em to 3 and out!

- with 9:14 in the 1st Eli is sacked twice and the Giants are forced to punt. They pin NE to the 6 yard line.

- NE gets a safely called against them on their first possession. DAMN. score is 2-0 to the Giants. DAMN... that's really a shocker. Horrible start for the Pats. They look stunned. I am stunned. Also, it should be noted that the crowd is dominated by Giants supports. It's gonna be rough night for NE.

- 3:24 left in the 1st Qtr. Giants push the ball all the way down the field for a touchdown pass to Cruz. He does his little dance. Owen feels very very deflated. 9-0 Giants. Maybe the Pats will get the ball for more than one play on their next possession...?

- 1:30 left in the first Qrt. NE finally gets a first down. Pushing it to midfield. C'mon guys! Get it going!

- First quarter is over. 9-0 Giant lead but NE in good field position to get points on the board and get their offense going. They are gonna need some big offense since it looks like the defense is gonna be WEAK. This could be rough night for us Pats fans. I will keep the faith. Tommy can come back from a 9 point deficit. There is still a lot of game left to play.

- Commercial Update! I cannot believe they made a movie about the Battleship board game and that the movie has aliens invading Earth. Could they make this movie without someone screaming, "You sunk my battlehip!"? I mean, if they did, the whole thing would be a total waste.

- 13:48 left in the 2nd. NE has to settle for a field goal. 9-3. Let's see what the NE defense can come up with on this next Giants possession. We need a stop this time. Gotta keep cutting into that lead!

- Commercial Update: All the NBC comedies singing Brotherhood of Man aired earlier today. I wonder if they'll play it again during the game, but it made me slightly uncomfortable. Especially seeing the Community cast being forced to take part when NBC has pulled them from the current schedule in favor of Are You There Chelsea and Whitney. Sigh. See for yourself.

- NE again can't get the Giants to go 3 and out. Come on, guys!

- 10:00 minutes left in the half. Pats get the ball back at their 20. Let's see if they can make up some more of that deficit. Jason Pierre-Paul keeps knocking down passes for the Giants though! This is so frustrating! Welker comes up juuuust short of the first down and the Pats have to punt again. Sigh.

- 6:25 left in the half. Giants have had 13 first downs so far and the Pats only have 3! This is bad news for NE.

- 2:00 in the half. NE pinned again to the 4 yard line with an excellent punt from the Giants. Brady manages to get out trouble this time. He's got 2 minutes left and 3 time outs at his disposal to get some more points and get to halftime in a decent position. Will it happen??

- Commercial Update - Avengers. I will be there.

- :38 seconds in the half. NE continues to claw their way down the field for one more scoring opportunity before half-time. C'mon PATS!

- Commercial Update - GI JOE 2 makes me sad.

- :08 seconds. NE TOUCHDOWN!! Brady to Woodhead! NE takes the lead 10-9!

HALFTIME - I cannot believe the Patriots escaped that horrible beginning to finish at the half with a one point lead. Let's see if they can continue the better play in the 3rd and 4th quarters. It's almost time for Madonna. Let's see what she's got planned. i can't believe she's never done a Super Bowl. She can't be worse than the Black Eyed Peas. They were the worst.

Here comes Madonna - FOR SPARTA!!!!!

She looks a little nervous in that crown thingy... the crown is off and she looks relived... is she really singing... I guess she is with her own vocal tracks supporting her... LMFAO is in the house... I'd prefer they were not... Nick Minaj is on stage... the new song is not my fav but this is still one million times better than Black Eyed Peas... Cee-Lo comes on with a marching band... Like A Prayer is still killer after all these years... Madonna eventually escapes from the stage like she's Elphaba. Not soaring into the sky, but melting into the ground. Did you know that this whole performance was about world peace? No? Well, it was. And we're done. All in all I thought it was a good spectacle. Madge is kinda old for some of those costume though. Not that she isn't in amazing shape. She is, but the outfits still looked a little girl-ish instead of womanly, in my opinion.

Time for some more football! BRING IT ON!!!

My friend Vayu commented online that Madge actually went out Han Solo style, and that's a more apt description of what happened.

11:20 Left in the third. Pats go on a run for over 70 yards resulting in a TOUCHDOWN PASS TO HERNANDEZ! Pats take a 17-9 lead. Things seems to have settled down for Brady and the offense. Let's see how Eli and the Giants respond. Can NE come up with some defense?

6:43 left in the third. Giants push it down the field about 45 yards, but the NE defense denies them a trip to the red zone. The Giants make a field 38 yard FG so the Patriot lead is cut to 17-12. Let's see if Brady can get back those points and more on the next possession!

- Commercial Update - I thoroughly enjoyed the car commercial with Seinfeld and Soup Nazi and the NYC zipline and Jay Leno's rocket squirrel suit. But I can't remember what the car was so maybe it wasn't the most effective commercial.

5:36 left in the third. 3 and out for the Pats! BOOOO! Giants have good field position too, already on NE's side of the 50 yard line. We need another defensive stop!!

End of the third. 17-15 Pats. Giants scored another FG somewhere in there but I was distracted reading other people's comments about the Half-Time show. It seems like most people dug Like A Prayer but thought she seemed old for the first 3 songs. A fair assessment.

- Commercial Update -Is amused that NBC news is trying to make their "I-Team" seem like the X-Men. I want them to take it all the way though and give them FX super powers. Can the meterologist be Storm, or is that too obvious?

- UGH. Brady throws an interception intended for Gronkowski. At least it is all the way down at the Giants end of the field... Oy.

- Commercial Update - Bud Light - Here Wego. Ok, that one was cute.

Non-call goes in favor of the Pats. They get pinned in the back of their end of the field AGAIN. Woodhead is able to get an escape and up to the 31 yard line. Phew.

ANOTHER injury time out for the Giants?? They are dropping like flies out there!

UGH - the ball goes back to the Giants at the 11 yard line and here comes Eli! Launches it down the field for a completion! Now they're at the 50! Oh boy, Get a stop guys!!!!

TWO MINUTE WARNING. Oh, man. Eli's got one time out. A fresh set of downs. 20 yards to go. And only two points to make up. This is gonna be ROUGH...

The Giants score a TOUCHDOWN! But they don't mean to score!  They can't run out the clock now. Still they are ahead by 4 after missing the two point conversion. Brady's got a little under a minute to make some magic.

Oh MAN! Brady converts on 4th and 13! And they get out of bounds to stop the clock! There is hope! Still down 21-17.

Ay no. The Pats keep dropping the ball! WHY????? Only one play left. 5 seconds to go. Incomplete! Giants win. Didn't I see this movie before??

Well, Congrats to Eli and the Giants. I do like Eli. I favor the Patriots. But I like Eli just fine and I don't even dislike the Giants. It's not like they are the Steelers or The Eagles or The Cowboys or The Broncos. I actively dislike those teams. Giants played hard. They earned it. I won't cry for Pat Brady, as he goes home to his super-model wife and his beautiful children and his 8-car garage mansion in California. He's doing just fine for himself. I'm happy all my NYC friends will be in a good mood tomorrow. Trust me that it's easier for me to be gracious in defeat than it is to expect an entire city not to act like grumpy assholes. So we get a parade and another trophy... which I guess we can all visit if we drive out to New Jersey?

I do feel bad for Gronkowski though. He had such a great season and then got injured in the AFC Championship and just couldn't play up to his level this game. He's young and hopefully he can stay healthy in future seasons and give the Pats another run at the trophy.

Who's the MVP?? Bring him up already!! Eli Manning of course! Fitting. Gotta love Eli. His parents are the cutest. I'm happy for them that he gets another Championship. And he wins... a batmobile? It looks a batmobile to me. They should definitely give the MVP a batmobile.

Alright it's over. It's time for Downton Abbey on DVR!!! I will console myself in the loving embrace of the Dowager Countess!!

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