Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Game of Hearts and Thrones

Happy V-Day, all. I saw this online and thought it was sweet. Having finished All The King's Men, Out of Oz and soon to be finished with New Frontier: Blind Man's Bluff, I believe I'm ready to return to Feast For Crows. A Song of Ice and Fire cannot be put off forever! Novelty V-Day cards always come in handy as a last minute gift today. Look through and choo-choo-choose your favorite one.

(click to embiggen!)

The artwork is by Chris Bishop and you can find more of his work for viewing and for purchase at www.chrisbishop.com 

My favorite here is probably Daenerys, with a special mention to Hodor as well. I'm slightly disappointed there is no card featuring Catelyn Stark. Perhaps one that said "It's a nice day for a RED WEDDING!" Maybe that's just my sick sense of humor.

xoxoxoxo, lovebirds!

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