Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friends' Projects: Old Dogs & New Tricks!

I keep meaning to post this, and have been slow to do so only because life this month has been oddly very busy. As many of my friends have been working on some awesome stuff lately, I've wanted to showcase it and redirect to it more on the site, so I'm going to make a concerted effort for the rest of this month to rearrange the layout of the blog to do that.

First up, I wanted to post this fun web-series my buddy Ryland has been working on the past couple months. He has small cameos in the early episodes and then makes his true debut as a character in the season finale. And he'll be back as a series regular in Season 2!  "Old Dogs, New Tricks" is kind of like a "Sex & The City" meets "Men of A Certain Age" in that focuses on the life and love issues of middle-aged gay men in West Hollywood. I think it's sweet and fun and a well produced web series. You should check it out. Youtube eps are embedded below. They are technically deemed NSFW - for containing adult language and sexual subject matter which may be considered inappropriate for workplace viewing. Discretion advised!! But I'm sure you've watched more scandalous things on the internet at work. Yes, you have. You know it. Own it.

Anyway, here's the series. Congrats to Ry and to everyone else involved in the production. Best of luck with Season 2!

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