Friday, February 24, 2012

Delight of The Navigator!

I wanted to give a quick shout to a great show I saw last night at Workshop Theater. It's running for one more week and if you're in NYC you should check it out. It's the Navigator by Eddie Antar, Directed by Leslie Kincaid Burb. It's a fast-paced very engaging play that plays like a modern-day episode of The Twilight Zone, and I mean that as a compliment of the highest degree. The play explores what happens when a man who is not comfortable making life decisions suddenly starts getting expert guidance on any number of issues from his car's voice-response GPS system. The results are funny and touching and don't lead you where you think it might be heading, much like an actual GPS. :)

The writing is crisp and relatable and the performances are strong across the board - especially from my girl Kelly Anne Burns as the GPS system. Her physical and vocal precision are to be seen as to be believed as to be applauded. The runtime for the show is short and the tickets are cheap, which is always how I love my theater! The show runs through March 3rd so you still have 8 chances to see it. Don't miss out. This is one you'll really enjoy. Congrats to everyone at Workshop Theater Company. for their development of this piece. For more info on the show and how to purchase tickets go here.

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