Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Amazingly LOUD Race! 20 Races To So Many Places

(Same old run around...) 

So The Amazing Race is now off and running..., for the twentieth time. I gotta say, despite how glorious in continues to look in HD - I especially liked the skydiving sequence - I can tell this season is not gonna be for me. So sad! You know I love my show of shows. There's just too many LOUD people in the cast this season. Everyone is gonna be yelling. I can see what's about to unfold. I'm going to have to watch on mute, or fast forward a lot when certain teams are on screen, so it's not worth the effort of recapping like I had been planning. See you in the blogosphere for Season 21, TAR!

I think I got spoiled with the abundance of milder-mannered teams they had picked the past couple races. I enjoyed all three winners of the race the past three seasons. You'd have to go back four seasons to TAR 16 with that team of Evil Lesbians where I was really kinda "whatever" about a cast. This group isn't overly inundated with "dating model" teams, but they all just seem to be cranked up to 11 volume-wise. So instead of a season of recaps I'll just name three teams that, at this early juncture in the race, I'd like to make it to the final leg and possibly win the big prize.

Option 1:

Names: Kerry and Stacy
Relationship: Cousins
My Team Name for Them: The Patty Dukes!
Here's Hoping: I would like them to succeed basically because I like to see non-sibling non-married relationships on the show. They seem like fun and capable women. I'd like to see them make a run of it. They're starting out at the back of the middle of the pack. We'll see if they can improve in the rankings.

Option 2:

Names: Nary and Jamie
Relationship: Federal Agents
My Team Name for Them: The Scullys
Here's Hoping: All-Woman teams have had a lot of success in recent years. 2 of the last three races had Lady Team wins. These two seem well-suited to keep cool in pressure situations. A 4th place first leg finish is respectable. I hope there is a firing range challenge where we can see these two kick some serious ass.

Option 3:
Names: Dave and Rachel
Relationship: Married, Fighter Pilot and Army Wife
My Team Name for Them: Army of Two
Here's Hoping: They won the first leg, so good for them! They got the Express Pass and hopefully they'll use it better than Team Bert & Ernie did last year. I'm concerned that there's a bit of a snag in their backstory about how they drifted apart in their relationship while he was at war... don't go on this Race to fix relationships! Killer Fatigue kills relationships, it doesn't make them stronger! But if they can keep it together they seem like very nice people and a strong team and could go the distance.

They have a lot of other very strong (and very loud) teams to compete against, so you never know what's going to happen. I'll have to check back in at the end and see if any of my teams were worth my early vote of confidence. As always, Onward Racers!

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