Friday, December 2, 2011

Amazing Race 19 - Leg 10 Recap!

(Mmm... Delicious Detour! Cindy and Ernie make the most out of a truly tasty challenge.)

Episode Ten Fake Title: The Untrue Pigeon

Starting City: Brussels, Belgium
Pit Stop City:  ...Brussels, Belgium? We didn't go very far, did we?

1st Place: Team Tricky   Reward: Customized Ford Mustangs!
2nd: That Other Dating Couple
3rd: Team Bert & Ernie
4th: Footballers Lives
Last Place: Team Out-To-Pasture - Eliminated!

Roadblock: One team member had to test drive a Ford Mustang. Teams first had to accelerate to 100 mph and then brake at a designated spot. They then had to go through a slalom course within 16 seconds and without hitting a giant airbag, and then finally two victory doughnuts before they received their next clue. I would not have liked the slalom. That's not really my speed. Pardon the pun. Andy seemed very jealous that Tommy got to do the Roadblock for his team, but then he prayed that the Lord would take away his negativity and it lifted right off of him. I think maybe he could've gotten over it without Divine intervention. But that's just me.

Detour: A choice between Water and Waffle. In Water, teams used provided materials (pontoons, rope, and wood) to build a raft and paddle down the Lieve canal for two halves to their next clue. In Waffle, teams had to build a waffle stand and then bake and decorate 18 Belgian waffles to the chef's satisfaction before receiving their next clue.I definitely would've chosen the waffles. At this point in the race, I would not have had the patience to try to build a giant raft that could conceivably fall apart in the river. On the other hand, making lots of waffles (and conceivably snacking on a few that weren't up to presentational standard) sounds much more up my alley. That Other Dating Couple had two waffles arranged in the wrong order

Also of Note This Week:  After being spared elimination (again) at the the end of the last leg, Bill and Cathi did not even have to complete a speed bump this week. It didn't really help though as they couldn't get out of last place for the rest of the leg. They got close, but navigation issues kept holding them back.

At Muur van Geraardsbergen, teams released 100 homing pigeons and then were given an address to chase the pigeons to. Once there, teams would be able to retrieve their next clue from one of the pigeons. The address was not as far as some teams seemed to think it would be. Signage in the town might have been bad as well as Team Bert & Ernie got very lost and went from 1st to 3rd. That Other Dating Couple actually had one of their best legs to the huge surprise of yours truly. By the time Bill and Cathi got there it was too late at night to release the pigeons, so they just got the address of the other destination and drove themselves there to get the next clue.

Bill and Cathi got a nice Greatest Moments edit at their elimination. There was falling. There was flirting. There was a lot of love and support as they got lost driving. There was hard-body weightlifting posing. These two came across as lovely people who were definitely life partners in every sense of the words. I'm glad they lasted so long so we got to know them better. Nice Race, Bill and Cathi. Nice Race, indeed.

Next Week: We leave Belgium! We head to Panama! There is walking outside way up high between buildings. The fight is on to reach the Final 3! Onward, Racers!

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