Monday, November 7, 2011

If I Win The Lottery You'll Never See Me Again...

I posted this to my facebook wall, but I wanted to leave a link to it here too. Last week, Global BC (as in British Columbia) sports anchor Barry Deley won a lottery for B.C. Children's Hospital for 2 million dollars or a new luxury home, (Take the money, Barry!) which is awesome if not exactly newsworthy, but the REALLY awesome part is that the drawing was being broadcast live by the station he worked for. He won live on the air!

He was not at the studio when it was announced, but the response of his coworkers who were behind the news desk is delightful. At first they weren't totally sure it was him, because the guy drawing the winning ticket actually read the name wrong, but as the reality of the situation settles in for them, their excitement in trying to get in touch with Barry is so sweet. Watch for yourselves!

I especially like how the female anchor has her smart phone just out of the shot presumably so she can text and check her email as soon as she's not on camera. :) I also like the way she tries to get the intercom phone away from her co-anchor who does not trust to operate it. She actually snaps her fingers at him! And the male anchor just can't believe it it happened. And the BC accents make the whole thing that much more adorable. They miss the whole sports segment talking about it! We'll never know what happened with local BC football!

It's also very sweet that Barry has a personal connection to the hospital running the lottery. as his daughter had a successful battle against leukemia seven years ago and the Deley family has been very supportive of the hospital ever since.

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Arthur said...

Ha! Barry doesn't sound excited at all!