Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amazing Race 19: Leg 2 Recap!

(The Doublemints and Bert & Ernie prepare to descend into a Cave of Wonders.)

Episode Two Fake Title: Give Us Your Money! All That You Got!

Starting City: Martyr's Shrine Taipei, Taiwan
Pit Stop City: Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Yogyakarta, Indonesia
1st Place: Team Tricky! Reward: Trip For Two to Ireland
2nd: Team Nemo
3rd: Team Nomi
4th: Team Bert & Ernie
5th: The Doublemints
6th: That Other Dating Couple
7th: Team Out-To-Pasture
8th:  The Squabblings
9th:  Team Footballers Lives
Last Place: Team Survivor AND Team Domestic Flight - Double Elimination!!

Roadblock: One team member had to descend down into Goa Jomblang, a giant beautiful whole in the Earth,  where they had to search for a traditional Javanese mask and dagger (they weren't hidden, it was just really dark) before returning to the surface via hella-large wooden ladder to exchange them for their next clue.Nobody complained about being afraid of heights (though a few mentioned it in passing.) Everybody took a moment to enjoy the view.

Speed Bump: Apparently somehow different from last week's "Hazard," Team Out-To-Pasture had to unravel a big rope that stretched across a yard. This looked super easy and seemed to be located about 100 feet from the Roadblock so it wasn't really a big obstacle for them to overcome. Why do they even include these as a penalty?

Detour: A choice between "Shake Your Money Maker" or "Be a Ticket Taker." In SYMM, teams had to dress up in costumes with one team member dancing in the streets, while the other played a gamelan in order together earn some money.  In BATT, teams had to go to the Mal Malioboro and park motorbikes to earn the money. I would have parked the bikes. It seemed like a more certain way to make the cash. People can either tip you for your dance or not, but they have to tip you for parking their bike.

Also of Note This Week: All teams knew from the beginning it would be a double elimination and were particularly nervous that they had to be ahead of two teams instead of one.

After completing the Detour, teams had to make their way to the Aisyiyah Orphanage to donate the money they earned in exchange for their next clue. HOWEVER, there was a visible sign - in English - on the table where they handed in the money that instructed teams to donate all of the money they had on their persons. Teams that did not donate all of their money were not allowed to check in at the Pit Stop and had to go back to the Orphanage to complete the task before their leg was done. How many of the teams read the sign? ONLY THREE OUT OF ELEVEN! This created quite a reshuffling of the teams right at the end of the leg. It was very intense. I liked this twist. I hate when teams just run around in a panic and don't read. I like that in the past few seasons the Race has really tried to force the teams to pay attention to what they are doing and to READ THE CLUES!

The Dating Couples continue to treat each other with respect and support and hopefully that trend will continue since they seem to be not going anywhere anytime soon. Over on Team Bert and Ernie, Cindy freaked out about losing 1st place when they had to go back to the Orphanage, but her freak out was not directed at Ernie and he in turn did not lash out at her or tell her to shut up, so it's cool. Over on Team Squabblings, the brother and sister continue to fight about nothing other than their entire lives of knowing each other. They have got to learn to breathe or they are gonna MELT. DOWN. 

Unfortunately, with the elimination of Team Survivor and Team Domestic Flights, my predictions for the season are shot to hell. I like Ethan and Jenna and Ron and Bill. They raced pretty well, they didn't attack or blame each other when they made mistakes and they would've been safe had they read the sign at the orphanage!!! Alas, it was not meant to be for them. They were very gracious in their exits. I will miss them!

Next Week: Bert and Ernie have broken bicycles, Out-To-Pasture does multiple face plants out in a pasture, and the secrets of ancient temple cause problems and mental breakdowns for all. Plus elephants! Onward, Racers!

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