Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spy Adults?

Today I took Migu to see Spy Kids: All The Time In The World aka Spy Kids 4. I thought I took him to see Spy Kids 3D, but there's no way. He would've only been 2. We just must have watched it a million times on DVD. I DID take him to see Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D, which is in the same vein. Anyway, the last time we saw the original Spy Kids in action, they looked like this:

(Game Over? Oh, no. They'll eventually press Start to Continue.)

What adorable children. Now they look like this!

(The one in the middle is a green-screened Jessica Alba Kangaroo)

They are adults??!!?? How did this happen? Granted they are not trying to be Spy Kids. They are basically adult mentors for new Spy Kids. But like I said: They're adults. (For the record, Daryl Sabara is only 19, but hey he can vote even if he still can't buy beer, so we mark him down as an adult as opposed to still being NINE.) Has it really been seven years between movies?? Have we all gotten this much older in between Spy Kids movies? It's a scary scary thought. This was the blessing of the Harry Potter movies. Sure we watched the kids grow up, but we saw them so frequently, the gradual maturing seemed normal and Daniel Radcliffe never really had a huge growth spurt so it wasn't a whole lot for the brain to handle. It's only when you look back at Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets when you're like, "damn, those were some little kids."

But the Spy Kids became Spy Adults while my back was turned. And now I feel really old. Was it really more than a decade ago when we saw the first Spy Kids in college? All The In The World. Spy Kids? Hardly. I'm going to each lots of chocolate and pretend it's still the summer of 2001.

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