Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Apartment!

My apartment and I have reached our 5-year anniversary!! My longest relationship ever! Where has the time all gone to? I guess I have lived in NYC for quite a while, considering there were numerous other places of residences before this one.

I do enjoy my spacious 1-bedroom in Astoria quite a bit. Sure the Super is unresponsive to maintenance requests and the lock on the door to Entryway D of my building has been broken off about 85 times (remember that one time when somebody who didn't like keys just taped the buzzer down inside their apartment so that the front door would rattle away 24/7 and anybody could just walk in? Some real geniuses have lived in my building.) and occasionally people leave trees in pots outside my door, and the heat is uncontrollably intense for 6 months of the year. And of course there's Domestic Dispute Neighbor who wakes me up expressing his feeling at 3am every once in a while. Even with all that, I still love my place. And it seems I outlived that one barking dog who used to run around in the apartment right above me, and drove me crazy. I don't hear from him no more. That gives me great satisfaction. :)

My apartment has seen many fun play readings, and birthday parties and movie nights and has never had roaches or mice or bed bugs. Plus I'm super close to the subway. Believe me, I know how lucky I am.

Here's to a bright future together, Apartment! Thanks for always being there for me! To honor this occasion, I've invited Ben Kweller here to share a song about love. Bring it home for us, Ben!!

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