Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Tree Grows in Astoria - Part II

Perhaps, faithful readers, you recall last year when a potted tree mysteriously landed on my doorstep. Wasn't that a crazy time? Well, eleven months later, we have this:

(Feed me, Seymour!)

I guess it is last year's tree's younger brother? It scared the hell out of me when I opened my door yesterday afternoon to find it lurking there. It's not as tall as last year's tree, but the trunk is thicker and twisted and has more leaves. I really wish I knew which neighbor is growing trees and then dumping them in the hall when they get too big. Several of my neighbors on my floor moved last year, so there's only two or three residents that could be considered the repeat offender.

(Open my front door and what do I see? I see a potted tree looking at me!)

Still, a tree outside my door is better than the pizza boxes sitting next to the garbage chute. Seriously, neighbors, if you have something you no longer want in your apartment, throw it the eff out. but in the areas designated for garbage. And please stop growing trees you can't care for!

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