Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa, Can You Hear Me? Happy Father's Day!

(I'm confident I've seen my dad since Christmas 2009, yet somehow this is the most recent picture I can find of us together on my computer. It's a Father's Day Technology FAIL!)

Happy Father's Day to my beloved Pops. The man who paid for many expensive years of my education working multiple jobs, and who never brings it up to guilt me into doing things for him, as I would most certainly do in his position. The man who moved me in and out of several NYC apartments even though he was kinda too old to do it single-handedly yet always refused help (don't tell him he can't do it! he's fine!) The man who cooks me asparagus at every holiday even though I hate it more than anything, because he thinks maybe eventually I will like it (and HE likes it). The man who did not want me to come out to visit for Father's Day, but who, when i call him to wish him a good day, asks me (of course) when I'm coming to visit. The man who informs me the requested visit can't happen on 4th of July either, because he's taking a trip to Boston instead. I start humming "Cats in the Cradle" at this point. Oh, Pops. I love you. Thanks for everything you have given and the love you continue to give. Have a happy day relaxing in the sun porch. You've earned it. :)

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