Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here's a Glee Project For You: Replace the Whole Cast!

(the new class?)

So on the heels of the second season finale of Glee, Oxygen is about to start it's summer long quest to find a new Glee cast member reality-show-competition-style! It starts this Sunday June 12th at 9pm EST, for those who are interested. I haven't decided if I'm watching this show yet, as I haven't completely decided if I'll be watching Glee in Season 3. I'm not thrilled with the show right now. I mean, Season 1 was uneven, but it compensated for it with its overall exuberance. It was gleeful, so it delivered on what it promised. This past season... I don't know. It still had its successes. Coach Bieste and Blaine Warbler were great additions, Puck and Lauren were a fun couple, Brittany and Santana were a fun couple and I still think there is room for development with Sam and Mercedes. But... it just wasn't as gleeful as it could've been. The mood was off, and it was harder to excuse some flaws in the writing and plotting when that happened. The continuity of when things happen over the course of a given week or when things happened within the school year this season made almost no sense. Sue, who was such a nasty delight in Season 1, did about seven 180-degree turns about how she felt about the Glee Club and whether she was supporting it or destroying it. That was kind of exhausting. Also the original songs the included robbed the competition episodes of something that's at the core of the Show Choir experience and something Glee does consistently well - taking popular music and reinterpreting it in a choral arrangement that makes it both exciting but still familiar for the audience. So I hope the producers continue to to tweak the show in the coming season, keeping what makes it strong and leaving what weighs it down.

Which brings us back to the reality show competition. I don't quite get what the format will be since it's not really casting for a specific part. They are just gonna take a couple months and see which of many different cute-but-misfity-looking young people they like the best and then create a recurring role for this person. It seems like an awesome opportunity for one of those young actors. I just don't understand what the judges are gonna base their judgments on. Since their character's storyline doesn't exist yet, how can they tell any of them that they are not right for it? I am confused, but Glee can be confusing.

As a promo for the show, they made this video of all the kids singing Katy Perry's song Firework because apparently it will be this summer's song as well as last year's. Seriously I hear that song everywhere. Is it because we are now in the run up to 4th of July: Day of Fireworks? Will we get a new Summer Song as we move closer toward August? Anyway, the Glee Project video is below.

I actually think the video is cute. But once all the kids were performing together, did no one else feel like they could just be their own glee club? Why add one new character, when you could replace the whole roster? There's enough of them, they are all varied and cute and talented enough to be part of the same group. The old Glee Clubbers are gonna be seniors next year anyway. I like them all just fine, but they have to gradumacate eventually. The producers should just use the reality experience to recast the whole damn show. Lisa Edelstein could be the new principal now that she's left House. Matt Morrison can stay on to guide these fresh faced youngsters to another shot at Nationals. It will be Glee: The New Class. I would watch that show! It worked well enough for Saved By The Bell. (I say that with only a hint of sarcasm, while The New Class isn't on heavy rotation in syndication the way Saved By The Bell proper and SBTB: The College Years are, or particularly well-loved by anyone I know, that New Class show still ran for seven years. SEVEN YEARS!!!)

(Those who don't win the show should be featured in a National High School tour of Rent!)

So I don't think the Glee Project producers need to limit themselves to adding just one new character. Why not aim high? Make bold moves! They should think about the future. None of their original New Direction members are getting any younger. And this new crop of contenders offers so many possibilities. Whoever they add to the cast, I think beyond acting ability, or singing ability or dancing ability - they should just get someone with a nice smile and a whole lot of energy. What Season 3 needs is a booster shot of exuberance, before I stop believin'!

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