Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barbie Foosball: A Most Serious Game

(Hit me with your best shot and fire away. Click the pic to embiggen!)

Last week, I was looking for a new stuffed lion in FAO Schwarz. As I searched the back aisles on the second floor, I came across the following oddity. A pink foosball table where all the players were barbie dolls. This made me laugh. I would like to see those girls in action, all spinning around trying to hit that little soccer ball into the goal. There must be a lot of interesting assists from the long locks as the Barbie's whip their hair back and forth. Priceless!

But not QUITE priceless. There is, in fact, a very real price tag. $24,999!!! That's an insane mark up right there. I know the sign says there are only 10 of its kind in the world, but come on. My nieces who are still not 10 years old could easily assemble 5 of those foosball tables with the barbies in their play room. In fact, I might make arrangements with their mom to create a homemade version of this for their next birthday/Christmas combo gifts (that's what happens when late December birthdays run rampant!). Thanks for the inspiration, FAO Schwarz! Ima keep my 25 grand for other worthwhile expenses. Like creating my very own army of 2,500 Muppet WhatNots.

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