Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Madness! A Bracket Destined for Failure: From the Finals, A Champion Crowned! UCONN!!!

Well, it's the first week of April, and March Madness is finally over. I can't believe that if I had just blindly picked my favorite team, I would've picked the tournament Champion. What's even harder to believe is that even with all the errors I made this year, I comparatively did MUCH much better than last year. Let's take a look shall we?

(The numbers don't lie, but they do baffle.)

You can see as went into the Championship, pretty much everyone everywhere was doing poorly as well. I had no horse left in the race for the final. and only had 335 of a possible 898 possible points, which was enough to place me rank me 4298 ahead of 87.46% of all other players on the website. After UConn won, (UCONN!!! YEAH, BABY!!! They didn't even MAKE the tourney last year!) things looked like this:

(All those times I zigged when I should've zagged...)

After the Final I had 335 of 1058 possible points and my ranking only slipped less than 100 points so, I was ranked 4391 and doing better than 87.16% of the competition. Last year at this point, I only had 280 of 1056 possible points and I was ranked 25,975 of all players (They didn't do percentages back then). So even if it was a no good, horrible, very bad bracket for most people, somehow I remained ahead of the curve. Thanks for making it to the Final Four, Kentucky!

(The best guesser in the bunch)

Wondering who came in 1st place at the NY Times website? Well, that would be wbolin2. He got 710 of 1058 points possible, by picking UConn and Butler for the final and a UConn victory. I guess those two choices aren't totally crazy. He was wrong about the top half of the bracket, missing Kentucky and, of course, VCU.

So that's it for this year. I did better than last year, which is a victory most people can't claim. Hopefully I'll continue my progress in 2012. Earning half the points possible. That's my next goal. I'm gonna get there!

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