Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness: A Bracket Destined For Failure - Final Four?!?

(Somehow, most people screwed up on their brackets even worse than I did.)

Something truly bizarro has happened. I didn't get to take a screen grab fast enough before Elite Eight was halfway over, so you missed when I was doing better than 80% of the NYTimes field. But now that we are at the Final Four, I have one team still in contention, it isn't a team I picked for to make the Championship Game, and I'm still doing better than roughly 93% of people from the New York Times site! How can this be?? Well, I guess it has a lot to do with the success of Butler and UConn and the most improbable of dark horses VCU. But seriously did ANYONE pick this exact final four? Some die hard VCU fan? It seems so unlikely. When I dubbed this year's bracket the one that was destined for failure, I didn't know how true that would be for everyone else playing along.

All the upsets should make for an interesting final couple games though. It could really be anybody's title to take. I hope it's my UConn Huskies, even though I was disloyal to them in my bracket picks. But a VCU title would be the biggest jaw dropper, and I'd like to see that happen. Right now I have less than half of total points possible with 335 of 738. That numbers only gonna get worse, but as I said before, I'm still sitting pretty - ranked only 2428. That's better than 92.90 percent of all players. So crazy. I can't wait to see how it turns out. May the best team win!

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