Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness! A Bracket Destined for Failure: The (Bitter)Sweet 16


Well, things are not looking good for the kiddo. It was a weekend of upsets galore, none more frustrating than the loss of Pittsburgh to Butler. That really put a stake through the heart of my bracket. Such a horrible ending too. To have it end on a last second senseless foul was dumbfounding. But whatever. This is what I get for backing a team from Pennsylvania, which I traditionally never do. The moral of this story is never open your heart to the possibility of change. You will always be disappointed. Thank you for that, Pittsburgh!

Not to be outdone, the weekend also brought stunning losses for Purdue, Notre Dame and Syracuse. So now one half of my bracket looks pretty good, but to other half is a mess of red ink. Apparently, I am not alone with my busted bracket. On the NY Times website I still have over half total points available to me, with 210 of 387 possible points. And despite all the craziness my ranking has momentarily increased to being ranked 15,615 of all players. I could still possibly have three of my four teams make it to Final Four even if my eventual winner is out. Although now i kind of want it to be VCU, Butler, Marquette and Arizona heading into the final weekend. Let all the brackets fall! We'll watch and see how it goes.

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