Friday, February 11, 2011

An Open Letter to the Little Girl on the Sidewalk Outside My Building

Dear Little Girl on the Sidewalk Outside My Building,

You have no reason to act surprised that your mom was upset with you. You totally stepped in that dog poo on purpose. I saw it. Everyone saw it. Your trajectory was not carrying you anywhere near that spot. You saw it there, immediately changed course and firmly stepped on top of it. Your mom even got out a shout of alarm before you got there, but it was no use. You wanted to do it. Nothing could stop you.

Who knows what reasoning you held in that adorable crazy brain of yours? Maybe you just really wanted to know what the fuss was about. Well now you know. You have literally and figuratively stepped in it. I hope you got the thrill you were seeking.

But the look of shock you threw out to us passersby when your mom rather gently smacked the side of your coat telling you to look what you were doing, is just silly. This was not child abuse. No one is coming to your defense. Your innocent act is not gonna work here. You gotta own what you did and face the consequences. In the future, keep those shoes clean!

Much Love,

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