Saturday, January 29, 2011

Better Left Unsaid: See This Interactive Live Streamed Play!

(Better Left Unsaid better not be missed!)

I need to give mad props to my girl Joey Brenneman, whose new play opened last night at Center Stage, NY. Better Left Unsaid, which Joey wrote and directed, is a play that explores the relationships and secrets that exist between a group of people, whose lives start to connect in Central Park on a strangely warm, foggy day in November. The audience follows eight characters as their paths twist and turn and affect each other. Better Left Unsaid is a story about the information we withhold from the people we love in order to protect them, and to protect ourselves. I think it's a smart piece of writing, wonderfully acted and totally worth seeing.

"But Owen." you say. "It's January, and Snowpocalypse Season, and I refuse to leave my house for anything - even great theater." That's fine, my sweet homebodies! I feel you. But that's the best part. Better Left Unsaid is a first-of-its-kind live-streamed theater piece, so you don't have to go to the theater, you can watch anywhere you got a computer and and some internet access. The set-up they have down there is really incredible with 5 cameras shooting all the action. I saw some of the footage last night and it's great. I will be partaking in the live-stream experience myself this Sunday and I'm really excited for it. It allows for theater being produced in NYC to find an audience in a global community. The possibilities are endless, and it's starting now.

Innovative theater needs to be supported. So head down to Center Stage, NY this weekend or next (48 W. 21st St, 4th Floor, between 5th and 6th) to catch the show in person or wrap yourself in your snuggie or slanket and stream it live at Don't miss it!


kathryn jones said...


Thank you so much for your support! No one knows better than you how wonderful Joey is, and how much love sweat and tears goes into producing...

So look forward to Timing of A Day - round two!!!

SuperOTM said...

it's really an incredible job the whole production team is doing. It's mounting the same show two ways simultaneously and doing them both so well. People should take notice and you guys should feel a great sense of accomplishment. It's my pleasure to talk it up online.

Erin Bigelow said...

Well, thank you so much!!
Everyone's working super hard on this amazing project with nothing but drive to see it succeed! I've never worked with a more dedicated crew!!
With great appreciation,
Broadcast Director