Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Congrats To The Winners of The Amazing Race! (But Mostly Congrats to Me!)

(Sisters are winning the Race for themselves!)

I am very happy to report (several days after the fact, so it's not really breaking news) that the Season 17 winners of The Amazing Race are Nat and Kat. This is exciting because they are the first all female team ever to win The Race! It is also exciting because. I TOTALLY CALLED IT! I feel like my TAR Winner Doppler 4000 Radar Machine is back off the fritz after last year's horrible predictions. Next season is another "All-Stars" edition, which are sometimes hard to predict. The season also may or may not feature half the teams from... this past season? Including the biker couple from this year who basically quit at the end? I dunno, guys... sometimes they shouldn't come back.

Nat and Kat make great Race winners in my book though! They were positive, good-natured, steady people who challenged themselves, didn't complain or attack each other and won several legs along the way, so their ability to pull out the win didn't seem completely random and undeserved in the end. Nicely raced, ladies. Congrats!

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