Saturday, December 4, 2010

Community Recap: 2.10 - Mixology Certification

("Community is my favorite prime time comedy program.")

Ahh, all season I've been trying to figure out a way to recap my current favorite comedy on TV. Community. The show is extremely funny and creative and pop culture referential, but it's never recapped on or Televisionwithoutpity. Personally, I have a hard time describing the show to people, or writing about it in a normal way, even though on the surface it's about a group of wacky people who form a study group while attending community college. There are many TV and movie shout outs sprinkled into the dialogue and the visuals in each episode that I know are shout outs, but I'm not always dead certain of their source material. I don't have the time or energy to research them in a meaningful way and it makes it hard to talk about them without sounding stupid.

So in my place of me knowing what I'm talking about I give you Dorcas and Neville (they are themselves a nice little movie shout out) who can give you their opinions on the episode. As coincidence would have it, the first episode I decide to recap this way is the only one I thought wasn't at all funny. Isn't that always the way? Ah well. It's still a great show. I hope you enjoy.

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