Friday, September 24, 2010

Sesame Street Segments Rule. Sesame Street Censors Drool!

(KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON! Katy Perry and her questionable amounts of cleavage have been banned from the public airwaves, while dozens of furry Monsters continue to roam the streets topless. A double standard? I think so!)

Sesame Street has been releasing clips from its new shows the past couple weeks. As you might have heard, some people saw the clip of Katy Perry doing a riff on Hot n' Cold and freaked out on Children's Television Workshop about it. Apparently, Katy Perry wasn't wearing a turtleneck and the resulting shots of her cleavage were going to send 3 year olds and Elmo into some kind of psycho-sexual trauma. "Inappropriate!" random parents cried. Who would take the time to "protest" this being aired on Sesame Street. Who cares? Having seen the clip, I cannot for the life of me understand what the problem is. Sure it's kind of skimpy and maybe kinda ugly and the pale color at times maybe blends with her skin a little, but let's hope these kids never come across perfume commercial or an underwear commercial or an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. They will not be ready. Plus by pulling the clip from air, but still putting it on youtube, I'm sure more people will wind up seeing it than they would have if it was actually on the show. Here's the clip that I find actually rather cute.

Other quality recent sesame clips include this one which is based on True Blood called True Mud. Muppet Bill and Muppet Sookie are appropriately Grouchy and Clueless but the real delight for me here is the send up of True Blood's trippy opening credit sequence.

And then another fun clip is a song performed by Will.I.Am which shows that the Muppets can dance with some impressive shoulder pop and lock action. So fun.

And because I cannot resist. The classic know as Born to Add, which I'm sure I've posted on this blog before. Maybe more than once.

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