Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Runway: Is Eight Enough?

(One season you're in, and the next...?)

Project Runway is on its way back again. We are now entering Season 8. Has it really been going on this long? With no end in sight, the show is now 90 minutes long and starting off with roughly 100 contestants. Sadly, only half of that last sentence is an exaggeration. Thank goodness for Tim Gunn. He makes it still worthwhile.

I will be watching - old habits die hard - but I will not be recapping, because recapping 4 hours of SYTYCD a week is all I can handle for the summer season. Luckily, my girl Sassy is bravely soldiering on with her HuffPo recaps. This is gonna be a long season, so she needs all our love and support!

Check out her excellent, hilarious and in-depth look at this season's contenders here. I can't believe those bitches in casting let three people with essentially the same name into one season. It's like they're hoping someone mentally snaps while trying to keep them all straight. I believe Sassy will persevere! Names won't take her down! Horrible runway designs involving adult jumpers, however, might be a different story.

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