Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010: Round of 16 Bracket

Before action fully gets underway knock-out style in Round of 16 World Cup action, I wanted to post my bracket pics for the rest of the tourney.

Round 16:
U.R.Gay beats Korea
USA beats Ghana
Netherlands beats Slovakia
Brazil beats Chile
Argentina beats Mexico
Germany beats England
Japan beats Paraguay
Spain beats Portugal

I think this is pretty solid round of 16 pick from the spread. Japan v. Paraguay to me is kind of a toss up. So is German v. England, but that's how I see it coming down. Plus maybe I'm hoping too hard for USA, but I don't care.

USA beats U.R.Gay
Netherlands beats Brazil
Argentina beats Germany
Spain beats Japan

Again, I think that's asking a lot of USA, but who cares? The other matches will be really close too, i think, except for Spain. I think they should roll over Japan.

Netherlands beats USA
Spain beats Argentina

This is where USA's run should end and where Spain faces a real challenge against Argentina.

Third Place Finish:
Argentina beats USA

This shouldn't be a problem for Argentina.

Spain beats Netherlands

Viva EspaƱa!

Let's see how well I do!

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