Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Word of Your YouTube

IN THE MIDDLE – There was this audition tape, (sent via youtube) to LMM by the cast of the National Tour of Spring Awakening. They were just finishing up the tour last week. Like all actors at the end of a job, they were looking ahead for their next gig. The continued success of “In The Heights” makes it an obvious goal for the trio, and trust, they've got mad skills.

If you ain't moved, you made of stone.

IN THE BEGINNING – There was the Broadway production of Spring Awakening (footage of which was posted to youtube) that begat the National Tour. The original show featured some very serious performances by some very talented artists that now can be seen together on Glee. The severity of their situation is captured in the video below.

This shit is intense, y’all.

IN THE END – LMM responded to the audition video (via youtube, natch) with an audition video of his own. Naturally, he's looking at the next National Tour of Spring Awakening. He finds a kindred spirit in Miranda Sings who also wants a role. They’ve done their homework studying the original choreo, and this is what they’ve come up with (added bonus: it's me manning the unsteady cam!).

Simply stunning. They are gonna be your bruise.

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