Monday, April 5, 2010

March Madness: Final Four, April Madness

So it's April, and all my contenders lost LONG ago, but the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship continues on. March Madness cannot be contained to a singlular month! As you can see above, I am doing quite miserably in the NY Times standings. I stalled out at 280 of 896 possible points. I am now ranked 25,959th of all players. What can ya do?

In my recent Final Four predictions, I thought it would be Butler vs, Michigan State. But Duke managed to stick it to me again for predicting they would lose. Since I'd rather have Butler win, I'll go ahead and say that Duke will win the final. That selection should be all the motivation Butler needs to win the whole thing.

Good luck teams! Play hard. Play safe. Bring home the trophy!

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