Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Madness: Championship Game - DUKE WINS!

Congrats to Duke. They won the 2010 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament in a thrilling fashion, 61-59 over Butler. It was a very close game throughout. Butler was very close to winning on a shot from mid-court as the final buzzer ran out, but the shot didn't go down and Duke held on for the win. A well-contested game by both squads but Duke went the distance! I learned my lesson and won't so easily count out the Blue Devils next year!

At final tally here is where I stood in the NY Times bracket: I had 280 of 1056 possible points and I was ranked 25,975 of all players. Wondering who came in 1st place at the NY Times website? That would be... Bamini!

As you can see, Bamini got all 4 Final Four picks correct and also correctly picked Duke as the winner (Bamini made an error picking Michigan St over Butler to make the final against Duke, however.) Bamini finished with 792 of 1056 possible points and certainly had his/her share of errors early on - especially in the East Quadrant. This give me hope for next year. You can be imperfect and have a few games not go your way and still win. Very inspiring!

That's it for this year. Let's hope my beloved UConn can get themselves invited to the Dance next year. Go Huskies! Until we go mad again together next March, dear readers, keep it sane and keep your head in the game...

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