Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's Waiting Upstairs? Is It CANCER?

While we were watching the Oscars on Sunday night, there was one commercial that caught my attention over the others. I'm not sure how BFF and I caught it as we were muting or pausing and fast forwarding in between the awards, but still it caught my eye.

It's starts off with this model lounging around in a mansion reading a book, as models often do. Then these sparkly fairly lights start swirling around her, leading her up a gigantor staircase to the second floor. She enters a room where there are even more sparkly lights and then spins around. She looks so happy! Then she sees a floating perfume bottle with something written on it. The word sorta looks like "cancer." Does that bottle say cancer?, I ask BFF. In fact it does.

(The model represents us all with her WTF expression.)

The model is confused. We are confused. Who would've expected a shiny bottle of Cervical Cancer to appear in the air? How is she supposed to react? How are WE supposed to react? Saving us from this awkward moment is a voiceover chimes in apologizing for the misdirection, but assures us that Cervical Cancer is serious enough that it needs our attention. Then it tells us where to go for more info:

(HPV never smelled so good!)

This initially struck me as incredibly silly, but ultimately, I like this commercial. I mean, it's bizarre but it got me to pay attention, which is the whole point, so mission accomplished. I just can't get over a bottle of cancer. See for yourself.

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