Saturday, March 20, 2010

PARIS at my feet! PARIS in the duuuuust!

Paris in 2010, baby!

That's right. I've been weighing candidates for this year's foreign travel location, and after a process more extensive than anything going into an IOC Olympic bid selection, I've happily settled on Paris. The trip will take place in June and I'm very excited about it. Much like last year's trip to Rome, Paris is a foreign city I've always wanted to visit, I'm going alone and I don't know the language. Also, like last time, I'll blog about my visit for y'all. "But Owen." you say, "you never finished blogging about your Rome trip!" Well, thank you for point that out, bloggy public. My response is simply, stay cool my babies! I wrote it out. I haven't uploaded the last bits because my journey around Via Borghese was very site specific and I had packed my bike map of the area in my "Romentos" folder and that folder got backed away in my filing boxes. So i didn't know all the names of some of places I visited, when I was recapping. I have to go back and put in the right names and then I can upload the rest of the story. It will happen. I'm just lazy. But it will happen before I go to Paris for sure.

If you've been to Paris or are perhaps in Paris right now, and would like to suggest places I should go over the four days I'm in La Ville-Lumière, I am all ears. I am going to be in Paris during the French Open and it's my goal to see a match at Roland Garros. Even if it's just a ground's pass, I would love to be at the facility for the men's final (hopefully with Rafa winning the title!) and I feel like I have to make it happen. It's a little worrisome to me that I'll be so close to EuroDisney. With no one on hand to talk some reason into me, might I spend one of my days in Disneyland Paris?? I'm not ashamed to say that I've checked the map and sadly/thankfully Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is NOT an attraction in that park's version of Fantasyland. That' probably would've sealed my fate if it were there. I love that ride!!

I'll be staying in Montmartre, right next to the Moulin Rouge! I think it's gonna be a great time. I can't wait!

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