Saturday, March 20, 2010

NYC 1/2 Marathon This Sunday, 3/21!

(A fun pic of me in Times Square from my first half-marathon in 2008. Good times!)

Sunday is the NYC Half-Marathon! It's gonna be a wonderful morning to run through Manhattan. I would like to thank Jeebus for scheduling the mini-hurricane last weekend instead of this weekend. 13.1 miles through that weather would've been intolerable.

The race starts around 7:30am with a loop around Central Park Then we head down 7th ave through Times Square (where I blow my customary kiss toward the Richard Rodgers) and then we make a hard turn West and finish the last few miles on the West Side Highway, finishing at Chambers street. I will be done around 9:30am. I have to work on my race day playlist tonight!

If you would like to receive email alerts to my progress along the course, you can sign up for them at the link below. Registration is just putting in your email and making a password, and then you click on my name in the athlete index.;

I'm very much looking forward to this race. It will be fun to run with my cousin, Alene Meehan, again as well. I'm looking forward to our pasta dinner this evening! If you're an early bird on the weekends, I'd love to see you on the course! If not, just say a prayer for me having a safe race and give a cheer for us in your dreams!

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