Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mind The Art's What If? Cabaret: 3/26 and 4/2 - BUY TICKETS NOW!

I am performing in an awesome Cabaret this Friday and next at La Mama ETC! I heartily invite everyone to come out. The cabaret is part of the Mind The Art Anthology series that is going up for the next two weekends.

The show is called, What If? - Broadway. Revised, Retuned, and Remixed. It takes the "What If?" concept I like to think was popularized in DC and Marvel Comics "What if the radioactive spider never bit Peter Parker? What if Bruce Wayne's Parents had lived? What if the Dark Phoenix took control of the universe??) and applies it to Broadway show tunes in the most amazing ways. "What if The Sound of Music was belted out by a 1920s jazz vocalist? What if The Impossible Dream dripped with sultry Latin flavor? What if the Ballad of Sweeney Todd was the start of a rock musical?" You get the idea. I'm having a great time in rehearsal with it and I would love to see you guys come out and support. Deets below:

Mind the Art Entertainment Presents:What If? - Broadway. Revised, Retuned, and RemixedMusical Director: Christian De GréFeaturing Performances By: Amanda Marasch, Chuk Obasi, Ariana Paganetti, Owen Panettieri, Joe Reese, Alyssa Robbins, Kris Roberts, Sean Schwebke, Manny Simone, Adam Shorsten, Jason Sofge, Will Taylor, Kristin Wetherington and Ashley C. Williams

Tickets: $15, $10 for students and seniors

Purchase at or

Reminder: Mind The Art has other shows that weekend at La Mama, but you want to see the one with ME which is only on the two FRIDAYS. Also note the 10PM start time. The other shows are great too. BFF is in the Saturday shows, so I suggest at the very least you see one show this first week on Friday and one show the next week on Saturday. There are three shows though! So maybe TWO shows one weekend. But mostly I'm concerned about my shows on the FRIDAYS. That's what you're responible for. :) Hope to see you there!

(click to embiggen all the Mind The Art Anthology Awesomeness!!)

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